Freiburg Minster Cathedral

Freiburg MinsterThe Freiburg Minster (German: Freiburger Münster or Münster Unserer Lieben Frau) is the cathedral of Freiburg, southwest Germany. The last duke of Zähringen had started the building around 1200 in romanesque style, the construction continued in 1230 in Gothic style.

The minster was partly built on the foundations of an original church that had been there from the beginning of Freiburg in 1120. In 1827 the Minster became the seat of the Catholic archbishop of Freiburg and thus a cathedral.

A walk through the old town of Freiburg

The city walk, taking in the main buildings of the town, starts at the former Freiburg Tourist Information Office on Rotteckring.

The former Tourist office building, designed by Joseph Schlippe and built between 1935 and 1936, was the first modern arcaded building in Freiburg and, as such, was an important forerunner of Schlippe's plan for reconstruction following the almost total destruction of the city centre on November 27th 1944.

Waldkirch Schwarzwald Zoo

We often visit the Waldkirch Schwarzwald (Black Forest) Zoo in summer, partly due to the fact that it lies in the shade of the forest further up the hill. That said, we once visited with a pram and that was a big mistake, this place is absolutely pram-unfriendly thanks to it's steep incline and many steps.

Lots of animals for the kids to see, and many of interest to the adults too. It's possible to enter some enclosures and pet them too, something my kids always enjoy doing.

Alten M├╝nsterbauh├╝tte

The "Alten Münsterbauhütte" (Old Cathedral Construction Cottage) was built in 1565 as a workshop for the Münsterfabrik (an organization dedicated to the cathedral's maintenance and restoration). Originally a one-story building, a second Fachwerk (half-timbered) story was added in 1600.

This addition was first used as an apartment for the shop master, and then later for the tower watch. It is Freiburg's only remaining example of a house with visible half timbers from the Late Middle Ages.

In times when no work was being done on the Cathedral, the house was used as a storage place for salt or market stands.

Siegesdenkmal Victory Monument

The "Siegesdenkmal" (Victory Monument) on the bottom of Friedrichring, was officially opened by Kaiser Wilhelm I on October 3, 1876. Its creator was the sculptor Karl Friedrich Moest, from Karlsruhe.

In 1963, the monument was moved some hundred meters west due to the construction of a new intersection for bus and tram lines.

This led to an appreciable disturbance of the monument square's former optical unity.

The monument is designed in memory of the 14th Army Corps of Baden's participation in the Franco-Prussian War.

Martinstor in Kaiser Joseph strasse

The "Martinstor" (Martin's Gate) belongs to Freiburg's first city fortifications built at the beginning of the 13th century.

It is older than the other remaining fortification tower gate, the "Schwabentor" (originally there were four towers). The first documentary mention of the tower was in 1238: "Porta Sancta Martini".

Freiburg's Jewish Cemetery

Opened in 1869 the Jewish Cemetery in Freiburg is a fascinating place to visit with its impressive stone-masonary and historic significance to the Jewish community of Freiburg.

In 1925 Freiburg had been home so some 1,400 Jews. More than 300 fell victim to the Nazis. In recent years the Jewish community in Freiburg has grown considerably due to the influx of families and individuals from the former Sovet Union.

Escape the heat of summer under the huge trees as you ponder past lives or in winter enjoy the picturesque scenery of the snow and icicles adorning these magnificent tributes. Located on the corner of Elsässer Strasse and Rosenbaumweg. Address: Elsässerstr.,  Freiburg


The "Fischbrunnen" (Fish Fountain) is an exact replica of the 14th century original. It was unveiled in 1970 as part of the city's anniversary celebrations.

The original fountain was created by Hans von Basel (1483). The figure of Bertram von Berg was added to the original in 1616.


The "Bertoldsbrunnen" (Bertold's Fountain) stands at the intersection of the Kaiser- Joseph, Salz and Bertolds Streets. This is where Freiburg's tram lines intersect and stop in the old city. The fountain honors the Duke of Zähringen, founder and Lord of Freiburg until 1218.

The towering bronze figure of the knight and his horse is mounted on a pedestal of reddish limestone from the Italian city of Trient. This statue was erected in 1965 using contributions from the various Zähringer cities.

It replaced a 1807 monument of Duke Bertold III, which was destroyed in 1944. Nikolaus Röslmeir designed the new fountain in 1957. The Bertoldsbrunnen is located on the site of Freiburg's old fish market (first mentioned in 1446).

Until the beginning of the 17th century, it was the home of the "Fischbrunnen", which is now found in the Münsterplatz (cathedral square) in front of the Münstergasse.

Take a ride on the Schauinsland Cable Car

A pleasurable and impressive way to spend your free-time in Freiburg during any time of the year: Incredible panorama views from on top of the 1284 meter high Schauinsland, marked trails and mountain and valley restaurants. Inexpensive family rates.

Schauinsland, Freiburg’s 4,213-foot-high “resident” mountain, offers superb opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor and adventure activities. The mountain lies within the city limits and can be reached easily by public transit. A cable railway runs more than two miles to the summit and carries bicycles (rentals available).

Seepark - Lake, Beergarden and much more

Seepark is located in the West of the city centre and comprises centrally of a lake surrounded by green land and small buinesses

Seepark, or to give it it's official name, the Flueckiger See, comprises of a large lake (which is not suitable for swimming due to it's slightly high bacterial content index) with a concert platform and observation tower jutting out into the water.

Mundenhof Petting Zoo and Nature Park

Mundenhof Zoo, nature park and animal sanctuary is open all year round and has been since 1968. Animals from all over the world can be found in a relatively free environment.

The entrance to the animal enclosure is completely free of charge and hence there exists an open donation policy - if you wish to donate, then it will be gladly accepted. That said, a parking fee of 5 Euro ensures that the zoo does not go without income.

Muenstertal Valley - Southern Black Forest

Known for being a valley of one hundred valleys and thanks to it's beauty, Muenstertal is the holiday destination for nature lovers, hikers and bikers.

Sights worth seeing include: Belchen mountain - over 1,414 metres high, The Baroque era monstary of St. Trudpert, The Teufelsgrund (devil's ground) visitors mine, The bee museum. More information can be found at

The Black Forest - Germany's biggest nature park

The Black Forest with its dense forest, bright mountain tops and peaks with the most spectacular views, mysterious glacial lakes and romantic valleys is a popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors.

The picture post card sights: Quaint little Black Forest farms nestled into the hills, glittering lakes, wide rolling moors and romantic gorges.  Whilst the southern Black Forest regions are home to the highest peaks in the mountain range and magnificent views as far as the Swiss Alps, the north impresses guests with its great forests and beautiful valleys.

The Schlossberg Lookout Tower

Before or after taking a walk through Freiburg, make sure you don't miss the opportunity to see the entire city from a truly unique perspective: the 30 metre high lookout tower on the Schlossberg mountain / hill.

Schlossberg lies to the east of the city and stretches nearly into the upper secrion of the old part of the city.

Germanys Highest Waterfalls - Triberg near Freiburg

The highest waterfall between the North Sea and the Swiss Alps is to be found in Triberg in the Black Forest, just a short drive from Freiburg. Experience a grandiose natural spectacle in a class of its own.

Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the Black Forest. As of 2004 it has a population of 5,377. Triberg lies in the middle of the Black Forest between 500 and 1038 metres above sea level.

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