Falknerei Naturerlebnis Park - Falconry Nature Discovery Park Herbolzheim

If you're stuck for something to do on a Sunday afternoon AND you have access to a car, then why not try the Falconry Nature Discovery Park in Tutschfelden-Herbolzheim and get up-close and personal with amazing examples of birds of prey.

Under new ownership since it's demise some years ago, the Falconry Nature Discovery Park was very much in it's early transformation and rebuilding phase as we visited in July 2012. Still, for a fantastic afternoon out for families with children the park does not disappoint.

The park is ran by a very friendly couple (Eva Hoffmann and Heinz Scheuch) who put on a falconry show for the guests. Opening at 14:00 each and every Sunday (until the end of August), guests can take a look around at the growing collection of birds of prey, many of which have been rescued, cared for and will be released to the wild in future.

At 15:00, the main show starts. Together with an assistant Falconer, the owner of the park (Heinz Scheuch) demonstrates each of the birds capabilities to the audience who remain sitted at the edge of a grass field as his Assistant addresses the audience verbally. One-by-one, the birds are brought out and taken along the seated audience, children may even stroke the more-tame examples. Then the birds are flown back and forth.

Children are invited up one-by-one to the centre-point of the field and given a falconry glove and freshly killed "meat". The birds are called by the falconer and the land upon the gloved arms of the child. My kids both found the experience amazing and would love to go again.

Refreshments and Price

Coffee, home-baked cakes, cola, fanta and other assorted soft drinks are available for purchase at very reasonable prices and the admission price is equally as reasonable at just 15 Euro for a complete family.

Adults pay 5 Euro admission each and children pay 3, if purchased out of the family deal.

Other events

The couple also put on complete experience events starting at 17:00 on Sunday evenings consisting of chanting by an open fire, circle-singing and many others until 20:00.

Kids may attend for free and adults pay only 10 Euro admission.

How do I get there?

To get to the park, simply head through Emmendingen towards Herbolzheim. After Koendringen and Kenzingen you will very shortly arrive at Tutschfelden.

After entering the village, park at the "Buergerhaus" and head back the way you came on foot. Take the first left turn and follow it for 40 metres or so, taking the path to the right hand side. At the end of the path a small gate can be found and will be open from 14:00 on Sundays.

Parking in front of the park is not permitted.

Miscellaneous Info

Language: German. The owner of the park speaks very good English.

Address: Weinstraße 1, 79336 Tutschfelden

Tel: +49 (0) 7681- 4959620

Mobile Tel: +49 (0) 1511 – 69 16 706

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Internet: - Many more photographs are available at this website

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