Zoo Mulhouse

A nice place to visit on dry days is Mulhouse Zoo. Lots of species of animals and plants situated in a large park with lots of space, so be prepared to walk your legs off.

There's a big wooden playground there too, a gift shop as well as a good restaurant and whatever else you would expect from a zoo.

You'll also find picnic tables where you and yours can enjoy a packed lunch that I recommend you take with you, unless your ability to order in French is good and you're willing to spend a small fortune in the restaurant.

The Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse is a 25-hectare (62-acre) public zoo and botanical garden located at 51 Rue du Jardin Zoologique, Mulhouse, in the department of Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace Region of France, roughly 70km from Freiburg.

The park was created in 1868 as a 4-hectare (9.9-acre) romantic landscape garden, funded by industrial philanthropists, with a zoo whose collection included kangaroo, deer and birds. In the war of 1870, however, the park was shut and its animals sold. After it changed hands twice, the city purchased the park in 1893, and it has remained in municipal ownership since. Although heavily damaged during World War II, it was restored by 1950.

Today the zoo keeps more than 1200 animals representing 190 species, including many species of tropical birds and monkeys, and 94 species that are rare and endangered, and is dedicated to preserving rare species of plants and animals.
In the children's zoo, visitors can walk through the enclosure and approach and touch the animals, which include Moroccan dwarf goats, Indian runner ducks, brahma cocks, and potamochoerus. Other animals which you can see in this area include rabbits, Poitou donkeys, and llamas. There is a play area next to the children's zoo.

The park contains 400 kinds of iris in spring and 100 cultivars (varieties) of dahlias in summer, trees shaped into fantastic forms, and a collection of rare and endangered plants that includes Catharanthus from Madagascar (7 taxa), Canary Islands (22 taxa), and Madeira (11 taxa). It also features a garden of the senses for the blind, with signs in braille and plants chosen for their smell and touch. The park is listed by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Remarkable Gardens of France.

On Wednesday afternoons a supervised petting zoo is opened up for the kids to touch and stroke the animals (between 14:00 and 15:30)

Getting there by car: From the A36 exit Mulhouse centre city centre, follow directions to "centre-ville", "gare" and then "zoo"

Telephone: +33 389 337979


Interactive Map:

Important extra info: The zoo is NOT caravan friendly, not good when there's snow on the ground as they don't clear snow away and is not very nice for little ones when it's raining as there's very little in the way of cover.

Distance from Freiburg: Around 70km


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