Baumkronenweg in Waldkirch

The Baumkronenweg park in Waldkirch is another day-out possibility for families, but only for families that are willing to climb a steep hill beforehand.

Basically, one parks at the lake in the centre of Waldkirch (a short bus or train ride from Freiburg). From there, follow the signs to the Baumkronenweg and progress up the hill, overlooking the Schwarzwaldzoo (Zoo). It takes around an hour to scale the hill. We managed it with a pram but I would not recommend it for young children or disabled people. The hill is very steep.

Along the route, there are many well-thought-out activities for children, all based on learning abuot trees, forestland and the animals that live within.

At the top, there is a walkway built from wood that stretches high over the forest. From there, visitors with vertigo might feel a little uneasy as they look down to the base of the trees that are supporting the walkway.

Tree Top Path

27 metres long! Enjoy nature from an unusual perspective and detect the Black Forest at face level.

The treetop path is a 200 metre long construction of wood and steel with four look-outs. Adapted to the needs of the disabled it leads you gradually but steadily into the fascinating world of treetops at a height of 27 metres. Here you have the rare chance to detect and observe the particular flora and fauna in the canopies of different types of trees typical for the Black Forest.

Due to the excellent location of the treetop path you can also see the surrounding mountains of the Black Forest Nature Reserve with valleys full of secrets and sunny plateaus. You can get a view of the Rhine Valley with its famous ridge, the “Kaiserstuhl” and at a further distance the wild Vosges mountains of our French neighbours.


Entry in 2008 costs 7.50 Euro per adult, 6.00 Euro per person for families for three of more. Children under seven get in for free.  Aside from the walkway, the park is famous for having Europe's longest tunnel slide, the sort usually associated with swimming parks.

Tunnel Slide

One takes a foot mat, climbs in and launch themselves down the long metal tube. Due to the high-speed route through twisty tunnels,  children under seven may not travel down the slide. Personally, I would not recommend this for children under ten years old due to potential car-crash like symptoms that may follow.

Also, due to the fact that the tunnel has windows evenly spaced, people with epilepsy should also not use this attraction, due to it's stroboscopic nature.

An extra 2 Euro is charged per go on the slide. One would not want to do this more than once as a one house hill climb is necessary again to reach the entrance to the tunnel. There is no device in place for quickly scaling the hill.

Car Park

79183, Waldkirch,

+49 7823 961279
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