Shopping in Freiburg

Freiburg's lively old town is always worth a stroll. Enjoy browsing through the large department stores, boutiques, leather shops, perfumeries, jewellers, bookshops, arts and antiques shops, and toy shops.

You are sure to find a postcard perfectly conveying Freiburg's charms in one of the many souvenir shops.

Shopping in FreiburgMonday - Friday
from 9/9.30/10a.m.
until 6.30/7/8p.m.

from 9/9.30/10a.m.
until 6p.m.(some until 8p.m.)

(during the pre-Christmas period generally until 8p.m. )

There are numerous alleyways leading off the main shopping streets - Kaiser-Joseph-Straße, Rathausgasse, Bertoldstraße and Salzstraße - inviting you to explore Freiburgüs historic parts and culinary delights. For example, you will come across the typical Freiburger Bächle, a system of gullies running throughout the old town.

Take a stroll through the market (weekdays from 7a.m. to 1p.m.) on Cathedral Square, visit the colourful Rotteckring, where you can buy goods from North Africa and India, or go on a shopping spree in one of the malls such as "Schwarzwald-City" (Schiffstraße), "Karlsbaupassage" (Karlsplatz) or the glass-roofed "Atrium" on Augustinerplatz.

Freiburg is not a hectic shopping city - it loses none of its peaceful charm on Saturdays.

The main hub of activity is the Altstadt (pedestrian zone) which tempts in tourists for a wander and a spot of shopping: it contains department stores, specialist shops, boutiques, arcades and markets.

The most southerly city in Germany displays southern flair, and goods spill out from the shops onto the pavements and into the arcades.

More intimate, narrower streets and alleys feed off the two main shopping streets, Kaiser-Joseph-Straße and Bertold-Salzstraße.

Grocery shopping (Einkaufen):

When you go grocery shopping, there are some important things to remember. Edeka and Mini-Mal are decent grocery stores that are almost everywhere. In addition, there are Aldiüs, Treff Discount, and Penny Markt that are cheaper, however, with a more limited selection. Do not forget to bring a backpack or bag and a 1€ coin for groceries as the stores do not provide bags but rather sell them.

Also, to get a cart (Einkaufswagen) one must insert a 1€ coin that is returned when the cart is returned. In some stores, when one buys fruits and vegetables, they must be weighed and the sticker stuck on the bag before going to the check-out counter otherwise the clerk will not know how much to charge you (and will be rather sour) and you will have to go back. However, this method is not so prevalent anymore.

Münster market

Muenster MarketThere are also daily markets around the Münster Platz. The Münstermarkt (Minster Market - around the foot of Freiburg's huge cathedral) is a large outdoor collection of local farmers and craftsmen selling their high-quality wares at reasonable prices. It is open from 8:00 to 13:00  Monday to Saturday and are best experienced on Saturdays, due to the extra sellers and shoppers that frequent the huge space.

A stall will close earlier if they do not have enough goods to sell. Personally, I don't find the huge selection of fruit and vegetables that have all been grown in the region anything to write home about but my wife swears by them. Don't fall into the tourist trap of buying from the first stall as you enter the market from the Kaiser-Joseph Strasse, this one (or possibly two) sell their goods at double the price of the others.

Take time out to have a look around the various pottery stalls, all of which are displaying their own handycraft. You can also enjoy one of many local specialities at one of the various hot-dog style stands and fast-food stalls. Before going there, I really had no idea just how many different types of sausage existed! All consumables are seasonal so it is not so easy to define what is available at which time of the year. Of course in the autumn pumpkins can be found everywhere, as well as vast quantities of asparagus in the summer months. The flower stalls are very bare in wintertime, naturally.

General Opening hours

German grocery stores are closed after 8pm Monday-Friday, after 6pm on Saturday and all day Sunday. In the event that you get caught with nothing to eat on Sunday, then it is either time to go out for dinner or make a trek to the tunnel under the train station where there is an expensive grocery store open on Sundays and Holidays. This also goes for other cities in Europe: there is normally always a grocery store open in the main train station.

Shopping for other things:

Shopping in Freiburg has many possibilities. The first major shopping area in the city is the Altstadt (Old City). These shops are centered around Kaiser Joseph Str. but stretch onto many other streets as well. The major department stores are Kaufhof and Karstadt.

There is also a 'Real' (large German supermarket chain) supermarket that is outside of town and slightly cheaper than anything in the city centre. There you can buy almost anything. One must take #5 or #2 tram (Direction Zaehringen) to the last stop. Continue walking in the same direction the tram was traveling along Zaehringen str. which becomes Gundelfiner Str. Real is a little less then 1 km from the tram stop.

To buy relatively inexpensive furniture and kitchenwares, one should go to Ikea. This is located at the corner of Herman-Mitsch Str. and Mooswaldallee. To get there with public transit, take the bus to Einstein Str.

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