Isle of Innisfree Irish Pub

One of two Irish pubs situated in the heart of the city, the Isle of Innisfree is not your average Irish pub.

Focusing on Entertaining Freiburg, the Isle of Innisfree has been around since late in 1992 and continues to be one of the city's hotspots for live music, live sport on the big screen and all-round entertainment - all with a little Celtic flair to it.

The pub is ran by an Irishman and staffed by English-speaking students and expats, the Isle of Innisfree prides itself with it's great service, entertaining nights-out and good old Irish beer (Guinness and Kilkenny) and whisky.

Every Monday they run a great pub quiz with questions being read out in English and German.

Thursday nights are reserved for Celtic folk dancing - also a spectacle and very entertaining.

On Friday and Saturday nights the pub plays host to some of the regions finest live artists as well as guest appearances from Irish and British acts.

Finally on Sunday night you can try your luck at bingo - again in English and German. There's a jackpot prize up for grabs as well as food for the line and card winners.

The pub also has a great food menu - everything from the Irish classics to more local and regional dishes, all crafted by the bar owner himself or one of his expert cooks. The portions are massive!

Open seven days a week until 1am.

Many more details via their website.


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