Greiffenegg Schlößle Beer Garden

Hermann von Greiffenegg's mansion (built in 1805) looks down on the city from the spur of the Schloßberg. It is constructed on the site of an old city fortification platform.

Von Greiffenegg was the last representative of the Habsburg rulers before the city was turned over to Baden.  

Today the Greiffenegg-Schlößle is a popular destination for tourists and local residents. There is an incredible view of Freiburg from the mansion's restaurant terrace and large beer garden (the "Kastaniengarten" - chestnut garden).

One can reach the Greiffenegg-Schlößle by foot (traversing the Schloßberg), or by taking the elevator found by the Schwabentor bridge.

A visit to the beer garden is well worth the climb. The hill leading up to the beer garden is not too steep for the average visitor and those feeling a little lazy can take the elevator 60% of the way up and then walk the rest.

In the spring and summer months the beer garden gets rather busy but the atmosphere will not disappoint. Definitely one of the best places in Freiburg to watch the sun set over the Vosges mountains of France whilst sipping an ice cold beer

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