Hausbrauerei Feierling

A brewery since 1877 which moved to new premises in 1989 the Hausbrauerei Feierling is centrally located on Gerberau 46 and is open every day.

Spanning three floors the pub can get very busy on the weekend especially when they have live music, so be prepared to wait for a seat. In the summer months the pub opens up it's large beer garden across the 'road' / 'footpath'. 

Covered, as is usual, with Horse Chestnut trees, the beer garden is also the most lively beer garden in Freiburg and the hum of conversation can be heard for up to half a kilometre.

They only have one beer on tap which is a Pils type called "Inselhopf" but it is a very fine example indeed. The beer has a pale colour and is unfiltered, it is very hoppy, refreshing and slightly bitter with a stammwurz of 13. It undergoes 6 days main fermentation followed by 3 to 4 weeks lagering.

Everybody in Freiburg agrees that this place brews and sells the best beer in town. Forget about Ganter (the beer you get in most restaurants) or Riegeler, Feierling (or Tannenzaepfle from the Black Forest) are the regions best beers.

Grandpa Julius Feierling started brewing beer in 1877. After 104 hours the brewers had to close though due to several reasons. But after eight years some young members of the Feierling family restarted the family tradition, and beer started to flow again. Since then people go there again and enjoy their beer.

In addition easy and "traditional" dishes are served as well. In summer the Biergarten is open and very crowded if you come too late. Of course you can also buy glasses (with or without beer) as souvenirs at Feierling.

If you like beer this is a "must go" place!

Simple good food is available with particularly tasty Black Forest ham on the menu, pretzels and bar snacks. The white sausage and bread rolls seem to be the most popular dish. See the brewery Web Site for more information.

Gerberau 46, 79098 Freiburg

Tel: 0761 26678

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