The Martins-Bräu pub can be found in the Fressgässle 1 which is a small alley just inside the Martins Tor, a medieval stone gateway.

Also very busy in the evenings, the main beer type is a Pils which is much drier than the beer of Feierling and slightly disappointing in not having much of its own character.

Small beer garden out the front of the pub in the Summer months, although it is usually quite difficult to find a free table. The beer garden often has street musicians playing which can be off-putting if you are trying to have a conversation and also great entertainment when you are in a party mood. Still with good food available and a jovial atmosphere it is well worth a visit.

Fressgässle 1, 79098 Freiburg

Tel: 0761 3870018
Fax: 0761 33627

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