Freiburg-Basel Aiport bus service

The company Freiburger Reisedienst runs a regular bus service between Freiburg's main bus station and the Euroairport near Basel.

The bus picks up passengers from just outside the exit on the French side of the Euroairport (do not follow the Swiss flag when leaving the airport, follow the French flag to leave 'in France'. Even though there is only a few metres between the two exits, it is not possible to climb over the border barrier).

The tickets are only available by the coach driver, payable in cash.

Reservations are needed for groups from 6 persons upwards. Please call them on +49 761 500 500 to reserve your space(s).

The bus travels from Freiburg's ZOB (main bus station) then to Neuenburg (old border), then to the Euroairport and the same is reverse.

If you are travelling with a bicycle, a surfboard, skis, snowboards or pets, you should call them on the number above so that they know in advance which bus they should bring and how much space they should reserve for you.

The buses run as per timetable including public holidays without exception. You can find their timetable and contact details via the following website:

The travel price includes the transit of one suitcase or large bag per person travelling. Any additional baggage is subject to extra charges (eg; 10 Euro for a further suitcase, 15 Euro for a foldable wheelchair, 20 Euro for a surfboard or equivalent and 15 Euro for a bicycle).

Travel tarifs can be found on their German version of their website at:

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