Freiburg Transportation System

Freiburg has an extensive pedestrian zone in the city centre where no automobiles are allowed. Freiburg also has an excellent public transit system, anchored by a continually expanding web of tram / streetcar routes known as the Stadtbahn.

Freiburg is on the main Frankfurt am Main - Basel train line with frequent and fast long-distance train services to major German and other European cities. Other train lines run east into the Black Forest and west to Breisach.

The city is also served by the A5 Frankfurt am Main - Basel motorway.

Freiburg is served by Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg International Airport, actually located in France. The airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (Baden Airpark) is situated approximately 120 km north of Freiburg and is served by, inter alia, the low-cost carrier Ryanair.

  • Click here to download the VAG bus and Tram network diagram

In the city centre you can reach everything on foot. To get from your host family to the school and city centre you usually need to take a tram or bus.

We recommend buying a monthly commuting card (Regiokarte). This is extremely good-value and allows you to use all public transport (bus, tram and train) in and around Freiburg up to a distance of 50 km. Price 2004: costs 39,50 Euro per person for 4 weeks or 30 Euro with international student ID card for 1 month.

When more than one person travels together on the train, they can buy the ticket together and get a discount. There is also a ticket called a Baden-Wurttemburg (Bundesland of Freiburg) Ticket that costs around 23€ on which up to 5 people can travel anywhere in the entire transport system of Baden-Wurttemburg.
Eurorail passes may be bought at People under the age of 26 may get a discounted price. Usually the flexible passes are the best as you will only be traveling on weekends. Please keep in mind that the train ticket from Frankfurt to Freiburg will cost over 50€ both ways. Thus, one might choose to buy a eurorail pass instead and put that approximately 100€ towards the price of the pass. Then one would not have to buy a train ticket on arrival. The pass could be used instead.

Freiburg is a cyclists town with an excellent network of cycle tracks. If you wish to cycle, as many people in Freiburg do, there are various places where you can rent a bike for around 5 Euros a day.


Here is our guide to the seemingly complicated ticketing system as used on Buses and trams

The Einzelfahrschein (one-way ticket)
- is based on price categories and good for the entire connected area, but always one-way. Detours, round-trip, return-trip and travel interruptions are not included. The one-way ticket can also be purchased as a four-trip card.
The Punkte-Karte (point ticket)
- was previously available but could not be used in the past by the VAG. What's new is that now you do not need a connecting ticket to go along with the point ticket. Point cards cost less than one-way tickets and can be used by more than one traveler at a time. At the tram and bus stops, there are information signs which list how many points a particular journey takes. Once on the bus or tram, you can punch the point ticket yourself in the vehicle's meter.
The Regio24-Karte (regional 24 hour ticket)
- can be used for one 24 hour period in the corresponding tariff zone. You can purchase it for one or two adults. In both cases, four children under the age of 15 may travel with you. The Regio24 ticket is perhaps the best available offer for families and tourists who will use public transportation for a limited time span.
The Regio-Monatskarte (one month ticket)
- is valid on all 16 of the public transportation service providers and is not based on the various tariff zones. The monthly card can also be used by other persons. It also includes the possibility to travel with an additional adult and/or four children on Sundays and holidays.
The Regio-Jahreskarte (one year card)
- has the same benefits as the regional monthly ticket only it is less expensive than purchasing 12 montly tickets.



Here is a list of Taxi Companies operating in Freiburg



Company Telephone Address
Taxi for Womans 0761- 24040  
Taxi Berger 0761- 580135
Bahnhof 10, 79194 Gundelfingen
Taxi Böttcher 01713636799  
Taxibetrieb Clark 01716297777  
Taxibetrieb Djebbi 0761- 83333 Engesser 3, 79108 Freiburg
Taxi Djebbi R. 0761- 81111 Engesser 3, 79108 Freiburg
Taxi Djebbi H. 0761- 506669 Engesser 3, 79108 Freiburg
Taxi Dresmann GmbH 01723133087 Kaiserstuhl 12, 79106 Freiburg
Taxi Fierus 0761- 5569396 Buchen 12, 79108 Freiburg
Taxi Haase 01613722700  
Taxibetrieb Häberlin 07664- 4247  
Taxibetrieb Heitz 0761- 72122
Kleinbusbetrieb Hercher 0761- 41464 Bötzinger 5, 79111 Freiburg
Taxibetrieb Hofsäss 07664- 4454 Oberer Weg 19, 79112 Freiburg
Taxibetrieb Kellner 0761- 01712211100  
Taxibetrieb Klausmann 01715464762 Kirch-26d, 79110 Freiburg
K.S.B.-Taxi- u. Transport-GmbH 0761- 43208  
Taxiunternehmen Kupec 0761- 80505 Am Hertweg 9b, 79110 Freiburg
Taxi Lipke 01613729533  
Taxibetrieb Matschenz 0761- 506769 Kehler 38, 79108 Freiburg
Taxiunternehmen Öztürk 0761- 442244  
Taxibetrieb Reinke 01727690090  
Taxibetrieb Schlag 0761- 445533 St.-Georgener 7, 79111 Freiburg
Taxibetrieb Schwanck 0761- 82737 Am Rotschachen 21, 79110 Freiburg
Taxi Seilnacht 0761- 2021212 St.-Georgener 7, 79111 Freiburg
Taxi Simon & Wohlleber GmbH 0761- 5569888 Kaiserstuhl 12, 79106 Freiburg
Taxiunternehmen Stoll 0761- 404455
Taxi Freiburg GmbH 0761- 555555 Kaiserstuhl 12, 79106 Freiburg
Taxi-Zentrale Santo GmbH 0761- 31111 St.-Georgener 7, 79111 Freiburg
Taxibetrieb Tschelak 0761- 277979
Taxibetrieb Volk 0761- 131100 Spechtweg 29, 79110 Freiburg
Taxi Wespiser 0761- 7070888  
Taxibetrieb Wörner 01727610893  
Taxiunternehmen Zaner 01726013213 Arlesheimer 23, 79112 Freiburg


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