Monkey Mountain

The Monkey Mountain is a zoo located Kintzheim in Alsace, France, roughly 70km away from Freiburg. At the ‘Montagne des Singes’ the Barbary Macaques reign supreme. Enter the park and feel privileged to witness this fascinating animal society which evolves almost as in the wild.

No cages or barriers here but monkeys ranging freely on what has been their domain since 1969. The site of the park is beautiful, but it is the well-being of the monkeys that strikes the visitor straight away.

How could it be any different?

Here, the animals are king. They enjoy a large area and can distance themselves from the general public if they wish; they are fed, there is no fear of predators within the confines of the park and they do develop in complete freedom.

An enriching experience

Whether you are a fan of information boards or video documentaries or prefer pure observation, you will find the level of information you seek in the park. Guides are positioned along the path to explain the behaviour you observe. Why is this baby being carried by a male? Are there chiefs? Where do the monkeys spend the winter? The guides have all answers so don’t be shy.

Perfect research conditions

Monkey Mountain is also a research centre. Since the park was established in 1969, scientists have been working on research programmes focussing mainly on the social behaviour of Barbary Macaques, a highly evolved and organised species. The guides will be happy to share the results of these investigations with you and provide you with information hot off the press.  

The baboons living freely in a forest area of 24 hectares. At the park entrance, an employee distributes handfuls of popcorn to visitors, who can then offer the monkeys as a candy. They sometimes settle on fences surrounding roads to wait for the offerings for visitors.

Park staff answered questions from the public along the route, and explanatory placards are placed on the circuit.

Since the park was established in 1969, the mountain monkeys also houses a research center on social behavior of baboons . The missions of the center are mainly the protection and conservation of this vulnerable species, and reintroduction into the wild groups of animals for a strengthening of wild populations  

Prices, Services and how to get there

Kids under 5 are free to get in.

Kids from 5 to 15: 5 Euro.

Adults: 8 Euro.

Free entrance for bus drivers and group leaders (one accompanying person per 10 children)

Food: Self-service restaurant just outside Monkey Mountain park offering sandwiches, hot-dogs, chips, cold drinks, ice-creams, cakes … on a shady terrace away from the road. The park also has picnic tables and a covered area for rainy days although the park is pretty miserable for little ones when it's raining. Check the forcast before you travel. The picnic tables are generally positioned under cover of trees and basically in the shade, perfect for hot mid-summer visits. Picnic hampers can be ordered. Traditional meals can be prepared for groups. Space is limited (50 people max.) so reservations must be made in advance. A 50% deposit is required 15 days before your visit. (Tel: +33 388 921109)

Feeding the animals: You should not feed the animals with anything that you have brought along as the food standards are mainatained by the zoo staff. Instead, should you wish, you can buy the correct food stuff from the entrance desk and feed the animals directly from your hand. The food is a bit like popcorn.

Going by car: Get on the Autobahn A5 and get off at the exit "Riegel", head towards France (Frankreich). When in France, head towards Selestadt (D424) then on to the D35 (Kintzheim). Turn onto the D159 towards Hoch Koenigsburg. Then follow the Signs to "La montagne des singes", which is the French name for the park. Parking is FREE!

Contact the Monkey Mountain

La Montagne des Singes
F-67 600 Kintzheim
Tel: +33 3 88 92 11 09
Fax: +33 3 88 82 30 02
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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