Germanys Highest Waterfalls - Triberg near Freiburg

The highest waterfall between the North Sea and the Swiss Alps is to be found in Triberg in the Black Forest, just a short drive from Freiburg. Experience a grandiose natural spectacle in a class of its own.

Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the Black Forest. As of 2004 it has a population of 5,377. Triberg lies in the middle of the Black Forest between 500 and 1038 metres above sea level.

The Triberg Waterfalls, a series of short waterfalls in the Gutach River, are among the tallest waterfalls in Germany.

With a total vertical drop of 496 feet, the falls stand over 1000 feet shorter than the tallest waterfall in Germany, the Röthbachfall. However, the Triberg Waterfalls are better known and access to them is easier.  

Other points of interest are:

  • the Black Forest museum (Schwarzwaldmuseum)
  • the pilgrimage church "Maria in der Tanne" (Mary in the Fir), a baroque church dating from the 18th Century
  • the handcarved council chamber
  • the world's biggest Cuckoo clock
  • the 40 tunnels of the "Schwarzwaldbahn" (Black Forest Railway) around Triberg.  

Town Website:

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