The Schlossberg Lookout Tower

Before or after taking a walk through Freiburg, make sure you don't miss the opportunity to see the entire city from a truly unique perspective: the 30 metre high lookout tower on the Schlossberg mountain / hill.

Schlossberg lies to the east of the city and stretches nearly into the upper secrion of the old part of the city.

Schlossberg has always been strategically important. After the French seized control of the city in 1677, Schlossberg was built into a huge fortress.  The fort kept control of the city. 

After the French withdrew from Freiburg, the fortress' infrastructure on Schlossberg was completely destroyed.  

It did not take long for the surrounding area to lose its sharp contours.  Herds of goats and sheep wandered aimlessly through the meadows that began to overgrow the heaps of rubble left from the fortress.  But, thanks to extensive planting and landscaping, Schlossberg has developed into a romantic destination and a favourite place to relax.  That tradition continues to this day.

In 1997, the formation of a special committee with two objectives was initiated: to clearly document the importance of Schlossberg  for the city's history and to improve the quality of the experience for visitors on the mountain.  They succeeded on both counts and gave Freiburg a new, high profile symbol: the tower on Schlossberg.

The tower was built on top of the Salzbüchslekuppe, the ruins of the French "Fort d'Aigle", which had been previously at the centre of the fortress.

The tower opens up a completely new panorama view of the area, stretching from Kirchzarten in the east, through Kybfelsen and Schönberg, Kaiserstuhl in the west, and from there to Emmendingen in the north.

The lookout platform is a steel and wood composite design and is surrounded by six massive Douglas fir tree trunks.

Up to 30 people can gather at the top at any one time while they let their eyes wander far over the Breisgau region.

The Schlossberg tower was constructed with the help of generous contributions from the citizens of Freiburg and a special allowance from the city.  There are a few ways to get to the tower:  You can start from either the restaurants "Dattler" or "Greiffenegg-Schlößle". Both paths will take about 20 minutes by foot.

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