Seepark - Lake, Beergarden and much more

Seepark is located in the West of the city centre and comprises centrally of a lake surrounded by green land and small buinesses

Seepark, or to give it it's official name, the Flueckiger See, comprises of a large lake (which is not suitable for swimming due to it's slightly high bacterial content index) with a concert platform and observation tower jutting out into the water.

There is a large beer garden, serving food and drinks, a selection of cold ice-creams and of course beer. We heartily recommend the 1/2 Chicken and Fries for it's grilled taste and low price.

It's a perfect place to chill out on a sunny day, whether you just want to lie down and get tanned, or if you'd like to walk around a little (it takes about 20 minutes to walk around the lake). This is also a perfect place for picnics and BBQ's!

The restaurant "Das Lago" also provides good food. Situated near the so-called "Burgerhaus" (which has nothing to do with fast food), and overlooking the lake, the restaurant stays open late, accommodates families and has a large beer garden too(Tel: 0761/806355).

In the summer months, the lake can be used as as boating lake, when the boat renting service is open.

There is a large footbridge crossing one corner of the lake. From the bridge it is often possible to spot large carp swimming near to the surface as well as turtles wallowing in the water lillies.

There are ducks and swans on the lake throughout the year although is must be pointed out that if you're planning to take small children with you, keep them away from the swans as they tend to approach and then warn-off any intruders to their space, regardless of size.

One of the attractions worth a visit to around Seepark is the Oekostation Freiburg.

The Oekostation - the centre for heightening environmental awareness with charm. A model ecological house with an exceptional architecture, a natural garden area with organic garden and herb garden invite visitors. The Oekostation offers events, seminars and workshops for the public. As a place for non-formal education, the Oekostation offers many possibilities to become acquainted with nature and the environment in a practical way. See for more information in English.

How To Get There: Seepark can be reached easily by public transport as it is very close to walk from the tram-stop "Betzenhauser Torplatz" on the Tram line number 1 from the city (Landwasser bound). Simply get off the tram at this stop cross the road and walk through the large wooden entrance-way. Follow the footpaths until you see the somewhat unmissable lake!

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