The "Bertoldsbrunnen" (Bertold's Fountain) stands at the intersection of the Kaiser- Joseph, Salz and Bertolds Streets. This is where Freiburg's tram lines intersect and stop in the old city. The fountain honors the Duke of Zähringen, founder and Lord of Freiburg until 1218.

The towering bronze figure of the knight and his horse is mounted on a pedestal of reddish limestone from the Italian city of Trient. This statue was erected in 1965 using contributions from the various Zähringer cities.

It replaced a 1807 monument of Duke Bertold III, which was destroyed in 1944. Nikolaus Röslmeir designed the new fountain in 1957. The Bertoldsbrunnen is located on the site of Freiburg's old fish market (first mentioned in 1446).

Until the beginning of the 17th century, it was the home of the "Fischbrunnen", which is now found in the Münsterplatz (cathedral square) in front of the Münstergasse.

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