Panjab Indian Restaurant - Turnseestrasse 13

Situated in the Wiehre district of Freiburg and within minutes from Freiburg's city centre on foot, Panjab is an excellent restaurant for enjoying an tasty, authentic Indian meal.

Set over two levels, one raised and the other just above ground level, the restaurant is a tightly packed-in, nicely decorated, warm place of wonderful aromas. Highly recommended.

The menu is wide and varied AND it it possible to order something that does not feature on the menu, should you wish to be a little more adventurous. I chose my favourite dish of Chicken Dopiaza (Chicken with double onions) and was very pleasantly surprised. Other Indian restaurants in Freiburg have served-up a mediochre, somewhat lame sauce with the dish, lacking spice or kick, whereas Panjab gave me the real deal. The food was spicy but not to extremes, very flavoursome and the portions were more than adequate.

Due to the fact that we were dining as a large group, several large plates of rice were positioned central on the table so I was unable to judge whether enough rice would be normally served with each meal (at Jaipur I always find the amount of rice served too sparse, here there was plenty, more than enough for every diner).

Our Waiter(s) were friendly and helpful, speaking fluently both German and English. Prices were higher than the city average but about right for Indian cuisine in Germany. A cheaper all-you-can-eat midday menu is available throughout the week, but not at weekends.

I was amazed that our first Waiter, he who took our order, was able to remember the exact details of seven main meals, five starters, seven drinks and a complicated vegetarian request, without writing a single word down. Impressive!

We were lucky, in that we had reserved a large table several days in advance. Judging by the queues of couples waiting at the reception area, I imagine that many people were not so lucky, hence I would always recommend a reservation be made before simply turning-up (telephone number below).

UPDATE: Since the original review (above) was written, I have since returned to the restaurant a further two times, once for an evening meal and once for the lunchtime buffet.

On both occasions the food served and the service provided were excellent. The lunch buffet is a reduced price offer, an all-you-can-eat style buffet for a reasonable price. Two main courses with meat and one vegetarian course were provided, rice, soup and salad, all for 8,90 Euro. Diners may return to the buffet as often as they wish. At lunchtime the standard full menu is also available but the majority of the diners at the restaurant chose to eat from the buffet.

FINAL NOTE: Still one of my favourite restaurants in Freiburg and certainly the best Indian restaurant in the area... by a long way!


Turnseestraße 13
79102 Freiburg im Breisgau,

Telephone: 0761 71221

Online: Currently, the restaurant does not appear to have a website or social media page for extra information.

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