St. Ottilien Waldrestaurant - Kartaeuser Str. 135

The forest restaurant at St. Ottilien is located quite a fair walk / drive out of the city centre of Freiburg, accessible by either foot or car. On foot, it is possible to take a pleasant walk from Schlossberg's peak around the forest via the footpaths, not a short walk but pleasant on a sunny or dry day.

By car, one needs to follow the Kartäuserstrasse from the city centre and follow the signs from a relatively hidden left turn, up the hill in a zig-zag formation - the way is signposted all the way but at night one should drive slowly as the route has several sharp bends and is completely unlit.

The restaurant has a lot of history behind it and is also the location of a chapel. The food is local in terms of cuisine style and look-out for the special 'Wildkarte' menu (wild animal menu) in the Autumn and Winter seasons as their venison and wildboar dishes are fantastic.

In the summer time, sit outside at one of the many tables looking out into the black forest and enjoy the view and if it's raining, an outdoor marquee is available for extra seating.

We held our wedding reception at the Waldrestaurant at St. Ottilien and were really amazed by the service they offered us. We were given a champaigne reception with the local pizza-type dish 'flammkuchen' as an entree, as well as the ability to design our own menu. The smaller eating room was cordoned-off for our party and the staff were on-hand to tender our every need.

The restaurant iteself is a non-smoking place for guests eating and only the bar-area can be used by smokers, thus keeping the eating environment smoke-free, something not so often seen in Germany in current times.

The parking place is quite large and can accommodate up to around 50 cars, ample space for all.

2 steps at the door prevent easy-wheelchair or pram access but staff are able to help with the needs of the guests. A member of staff offered us help to get our baby into the restaurant, for example.

Drinks are reasonably priced. The main course menu at first looks quite small although another 'specials' menu is displayed near the bar containing many special dishes-of-the-day.

There is no play-area indoors for children. However, a large recently-rennovated outdoor childrens playground exists and within easy viewing for parents from their outdoor table.

A baby changing table is provided and is located between the gents and ladies toilets, also allowing men to change their babies for a change - something also not so common in Germany.

Salads also highly recommended!

Kartäuserstr. 135, 79104 Freiburg.
Tel: 0761 - 632 30
Fax: 0761 - 69 66 809

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