Cafe Movie

Small and friendly reggae-style bar. Open: Usually open til the early hours. Situated under Schwabentor (oberlinden area of Freiburg, close to the Zum Storchen Italian restaurant) with a handy taxi rank outside it's front door.

Has a large TV screen to watch live sport - during sporting events of course.

Shooter Stars

Next to the University in Altstadt, Shooters is a popular small bar popular with students. Shooters is famous for having the largest array of shots (short drinks) available in Freiburg.

Nightly specials such as all you can drink for 5 Euro within 15 minutes (long drinks only) on Wednesdays are popular. Friday and Saturday nights are party time when the place is pumping and packed to the rafters. Football is also shown, especially SC Freiburg games.


The Martins-Bräu pub can be found in the Fressgässle 1 which is a small alley just inside the Martins Tor, a medieval stone gateway.

Also very busy in the evenings, the main beer type is a Pils which is much drier than the beer of Feierling and slightly disappointing in not having much of its own character.

Freiburg Bar

Previously Woody's, O'Dwyers and various other pubs over the years, the Freiburg Bar opened it's doors for the first time early in 2007.

Previously situated in the Stadthalle, the Freiburg bar offers a busy programme such as:

Enchilada Freiburg

Mexican style beer bar, restaurant, cafe and cocktail bar. Gets very busy late at night and on weekends.

Steaks and salad are highly recommended, quite expensive by German standards but the quality is good.

Hausbrauerei Feierling

A brewery since 1877 which moved to new premises in 1989 the Hausbrauerei Feierling is centrally located on Gerberau 46 and is open every day.

Spanning three floors the pub can get very busy on the weekend especially when they have live music, so be prepared to wait for a seat. In the summer months the pub opens up it's large beer garden across the 'road' / 'footpath'. 

Greiffenegg Schlößle Beer Garden

Hermann von Greiffenegg's mansion (built in 1805) looks down on the city from the spur of the Schloßberg. It is constructed on the site of an old city fortification platform.

Von Greiffenegg was the last representative of the Habsburg rulers before the city was turned over to Baden.  

O'Kellys Irish Pub

A really nice little Irish pub just around the corner from the Stadttheater (City Theatre). Friendly atmosphere, open late and English and German spoken throughout.

They server Guinness, Kilkenny, Strongbow and Ganter Pils is the local pilsner beer. It's also possible to get Freiburger pils in a bottle.

Isle of Innisfree Irish Pub

One of two Irish pubs situated in the heart of the city, the Isle of Innisfree is not your average Irish pub.

Focusing on Entertaining Freiburg, the Isle of Innisfree has been around since late in 1992 and continues to be one of the city's hotspots for live music, live sport on the big screen and all-round entertainment - all with a little Celtic flair to it.

Nachtschict Freiburg

A very popular nightclub for Students, locals and the Irish bar staff ;)

Situated opposite the Schlappen pub and near to Burger King just off the Kaiser-Joseph Strasse, around the corner from Martinstor

Agar Freiburg

Popular nightclub in the centre of Freiburg. Opposite Burker King and near the Schlappen pub, just around the corner from the Martinstor on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse.

Music styles include Oldies, Classics, Black & R&B, House. Large dancefloor. Sit-down lounge area.

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