Freiburg the Wine City

Freiburg is one of the wine towns in Germany. The town has been surrounded by fertile vineyards for as long ago as the 13th century.

At times the yields seem to have considerably exceeded the drinking capacity.

Although the area given over to vine-growing is diminishing and some left for decorative or display purpose only, on the sunny south-west facing slopes, such as on the Schoenberg, vines grow and flower and flourish the same as ever.

Moreover, to the west of the town where the Tuniberg rises from the plain the whole of the landscape is characterized by the vineyards. Since four Tuniberg communities were brought within the town boundaries at the beginning of the 1970s, Freiburg has been able to boast that, with 65 000 acres of vineyards, it has the biggest wine-growing area of any town in Germany.

Not only the extensive vineyards areas that give the Freiburg the reputation as a wine town, but also the wide range of grape varieties grown. The high technology used in grape cultivation maximizes both the quality and quantity of grapes there. The scientists are using new breeding method to produce new varieties. One most significant success is the invention of a new healthy disease-resistant strains, so that winegrowers are no longer to forced to take labour-intensive, expensive and environmental unsound measures to combat attacks by pests.

Wine has become part of people's life. Every year, there is a wine festival which unmatched by any other in Germany. It is held for four days at the Muensterplatz. It is well decorated and in which approximately 300 different wines are offered for sampling. Since there are a lot to try, a small tip is to "sip, don't gulp"!

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